We are an award-winning studio that specializes in digital information visualization. With an international client base and a diverse range of customers, we prioritize creativity, technology, and sustainability. As a remote working studio, we closely collaborate with our clients to deliver tailor-made solutions. Let's join forces and create something extraordinary together!

Our Service

  • Visualization

    We visualize your information as interactive charts, animations, 3D representations or infographics. We use a comprehensive toolbox and always choose the right shape for you.

  • Data Storytelling

    We create microsites featuring scroll animations, interactive charts, surveys, and an intuitive UI that allows your users to quickly and easily dive into the topic, whether you're showcasing your product or conveying a complex scientific study.

  • Web Application

    We create complex websites with a CMS and - as required - blogs, media libraries or a login area. Depending on your needs, we also look after your website over a longer period of time and expand it at any time according to your needs.


Mozilla Foundation, Leopoldina, Stiftung Kunst und Natur, MDR, Fraunhofer IAO, , Acatech, Jimdo, Hoferichter und Jacobs, Deutscher Museumsbund, Fraunhofer ENIQ, Rundfunk Sinfonieorchester Berlin


  • Grimme Online Award

  • Malofiej Silver Medal

  • Information is Beautiful Shortlist


  • Co-founder and Project management lead, Sascha Collet, smiling

    Sascha Collet

    Sales and project manager with a dedication for 3D design. Supervises the big picture, making sure the customers needs are met.

  • Co-founder and development lead, Steffen Hänsch, smiling

    Steffen Hänsch

    Frontend and Dataviz Engineer with a passion for the creative potential of prospective technology.

  • Co-founder and design lead, David v.Buseck, smiling

    David v.Buseck

    Interface Designer and Data Enthusiast on a mission to visualize abstract information in a unique narrative style.

  • Office manager, Corinna Päffgen, smiling

    Corinna Päffgen

    Office Manager - organizing and managing administrative tasks and processes. Lively tinkerer who enjoys taking on new challenges and has a soft spot for accounting.

  • Frontend Engineer, translating concepts into interactive websites. Always happy to learn new things.

    Ludivine Constanti

    Frontend Engineer, translating concepts into interactive websites. Always happy to learn new things.

  • Designer, Tim Hönig, smiling

    Tim Hönig

    Information Designer with the ambition to communicate important topics and complex content with a fitting, unique visual language.

  • Working student, Marina Hilken, smiling

    Marina Hilken

    Design student with a fascination and sense for the nuanced language of data visualization and data stories.

  • Project manager, Vialline Dontsop, smiling

    Vialline Dontsop

    Project and Sales Assistant – Responsible for implementing workflows based on the project manager's instructions.