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Figures is an information- and interface design studio for data-driven web applications.


for you

We uncover the core of our customers data volumes and transform them into appealing and intuitive applications. Figures stands for understandable and creative data visualizations that enable precise decisions and new perspectives.

Web Application

Interactive websites and intuitive interfaces that follow a human-centric approach.

Data Visualization

Exploring data and forming innovative visualizations tailor-made for your devices.

Consulting & Workshops

Sharing our expertise and visions in data visualization, development and interactive storytelling.



The study “Biodiversity and management of agricultural landscapes” by the Leopoldina Academy of Sciences examines the decline in biodiversity in germany. To present the results to a broad public in an engaging way, we developed a microsite that uses animation, visualization and interactive storytelling.
Figures provided creative ideas of their own and the exchange with them was pleasant and productive.
Johannes Mengel, Leopoldina



Experience your Spotify music the visual way. Auditive data is transformed into a visible form, connecting the sense of hearing with the sense of sight.


of wind

Winds circulate around the globe, forming patterns of gigantic proportions. These patterns become part of human culture and are reflected in our architecture. Our interactive map reveals how airport runways reflect the currents of air.
… Trails of Wind is actually an extremely accurate map of runways across the world, with each runway angled in the exact direction it is in real life.
Mark Wilson, Fast Company


you ruled the world

This interactive Data Visualization puts you in relation to the world leaders and tells about the rise of democracy - and the privilege of old men.


we loved to work with

Everyone who cares about information is important to us. We team up with NGOs and newsrooms with as much passion as with companies and agencies. In close cooperation with our customers we develop customized solutions, excited about inspiring challenges.



Information is everywhere and in everything. With the overwhelming amount of data and the rise of artificial intelligence, we see a responsibility and opportunity to reshape our data driven world. We believe that professional and forward thinking data visualization allows determined access to information and results in an understanding and appropriate usage.

David von Buseck


Interface Designer and Data Enthusiast on a mission to visualize abstract information in a unique narrative style.

Steffen Hänsch


Frontend and Dataviz Engineer with a passion for the creative potential of prospective technology.

Sascha Collet

Project Managment

Sales and project manager with a dedication for 3D design. Supervises the big picture, making sure the customers needs are met.

Mühlenstr. 8a
14167 Berlin